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Re: cdrecord problems

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I have tried all these modes such as tao, sao, dao, raw, etc. but none of
> > these would work , I think may be linux kernel support to my new drive is
> > not very good 
> The Linux kernel does not provide support for a
> particular drive. It rather forwards the MMC
> commands of our burn programs (cdrecord, wodim,

Correct, but it does not make sense at all to try wodim.
There are just too many people who have problems with it and  
it is a well known fact that the wodim "maintainers" did remove
important code that is needed to find and flag problems.

> Your drive 1,0,0 (do you know its Linux device address ?)
> does not confess to support any write mode.

There is no need to know this.
Cdrecord deals with the deficits of the Linux SCSI address schemes....

> It comes to me that i examined such a problem before.
>   http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debburn-devel/2007-February/000301.html
> Interestingly it is with the same type of drive,

I did see "wodim" on a friends IBM-laptop completely unable to 
talk to the drive. After upgrading to cdrecord, everything
did work out of the box. It just does not make sense to even think
about wodim. 

If the original cdrecord also has problems with this drive, it is simple
to find out more but you cannot use wodim even for searching for the problem.
If is highly probable that cdrecord just work out of the box with the drive.

So let me repeat my first advise:

Upgrade to a recent cdrtools



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