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Re: dvd rw


Joerg Schilling:
> You should know that "wodim" uses the same dvd code as this "dvdrecord"
> does, so this would not work either.

I don't know where wodim got its DVD code from,
but i do know that the following command works with
  $ wodim -v dev=0,0,0 /dvdbuffer/fertig.iso
That's with version 1.1.2.

It seems to have similar restrictions as cdrecord.
I.e. this does not work:
  $ cat /dvdbuffer/fertig.iso | wodim -v dev=0,0,0 -
  wodim: Track 1 has unknown length.
  wodim: Use tsize= option in SAO mode to specify track size.

Chris Ahlstrom:
> > Have you tried growisofs?
Joerg Schilling:
> cdrecord works just fine, you should just not use a bastardized version.

The SCSI gestures of growisofs are backed by MMC-5.
growisofs was born for DVD+RW and it can do unique
things with those media.
I think it deserves to be the first in a list of
DVD+RW burn programs for Linux.

Have a nice day :)


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