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Re: problems writing a large file to DVD+R Double Layer disk

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> me:
> > > My original motivation was a clash between you and some
> > > of your critics in november or december 2005.
> Joerg:
> > Could you please explain why you did believe the FUD spread by
> > malicious people instead of asking me?
> It is not that i take sides in those quarrels.
> I used cdrecord with CD for years and trust
> its technical and your personal integrity enough
> to run it setuid root.

So in this case I would asume that you also trust me with respect to OSS.
I am working on OSS since a long time (more than 20 years) and this alone 
should be sufficient to know that I will not change my mind....

You should however not trust people like Mr. Bloch who constantly 
spread lies, started to work on OSS very recently and do noe look like
they did got the spirit of OSS already.

> But i noticed the ongoing rift between you and the
> people who decide over the development of Linux.
> Since i'm comitted to stay with Linux i felt the
> need for a second source of the services usually
> provided by cdrecord.
> That was mainly about CD data writing at that time.

This is a very strange conclusion!

The fact that som Linux people are working against the usability of Linux
makes you believe that there is a need for a second source?

What really would be needed is more people who dare to tell 
those people that they are working against linux and cause unneeded
effort at my side.

> > Well, cdrecordwrites DVDs since 1998, what is your problem?
> Not to have -tao.
> I.e. no way to write a data stream of unpredicted length.

This may work with DVD+R under some conditions, it does not
even work in packet mode in DVD-R/RW.

> > Reading your README, you seem to claim being interested
> > in the spirit of OSS.
> Yep. The peaceful, tolerant and cooperative variation.
> > ./configure: line 21233: syntax error near unexpected token `in'
> > ./configure: line 21233: `for ac_header in'
> Is this from cdrskin-0.3.4.pl00.tar.gz resp. libburn-0.3.4.tar.gz
> resp. from the 0.3.5 versions ?

I did take this from your scdbackup page.....
Note that I did report this bug _many_ times before and I don't believe that
there is a will to fix bugs in this software.

> Whatever, there is no system adapter for Solaris yet.
> You'd probably end up with the Linux adapter and the
> compiler will probably fail over missing definitions.

So why do you put effort in nonportable sofware?

> > checking dynamic linker characteristics... solaris2.9 ld.so
> > The spirit of OSS is creating software that compiles and works on as many 
> > platforms as possible.
> Would you be interested to help me with a Solaris port ?
> The operating system references and especially the
> SCSI command transport are encapsulated in files
> separate from the main functionality.
> Currently there is a Linux and a FreeBSD implementation
> of this OS adapter set. 

There are at least twice as many Solaris users as users for all *BSDs

> > You seem to be one of the people who are not confused by the FUD from
> > the people who like to harm me and my projects.
> I stay strictly neutral in the historical person-to-person
> aspects and i try to keep a clear view on technical aspects.

It is sufficient to stay neutral in order to not get catched by the FUD
from Mr. Bloch ;-)

> > Why do you contribute to a 
> > nonportable project instead of contributing to a project
> > that is in the spirot of OSS?
> Joerg, what shall i contribute to cdrecord ?

As I told, cdrecord is truely portable and there is a lot of possible things 
that could help...

> I told you what i learned about DVD write strategies like
> unpredicted track size DVD-R[W] Packet (Incremental),
> unpredicted track size DVD+R Packet,
> unpredicted track size on overwriteable DVR-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM.
> I told you what i learned about true multi-session on DVD-R[W]
> and DVD+R. Ready for mkisofs -C -M and for Linux mount(8).
> All covered by MMC-5. No proprietary commands or heuristic stunts.
> All well matching the traditional -multi -data -tao behavior with CD.

As I did write above, this definitely does not work reliably 
with DVD-, I did find a lot of problems while implementing multi border.....

> It is written down in the libburnia doc/cookbook.txt .
> Ask for any clarifications or point me to any mistake.

As I see problems at least with DVD-RW, I will not implement this
with DVD- and I will check whether it makes sense with DVD+
Note that I am interested in reliable software and thus think a bit
different from people who implement hacks.

> I doubt that i could help much with implementing those
> features into cdrecord. I can do Linux tests for you.

Recently, I did write a Schily makefiles extension to auto create
Svr4 packets after the sources have been compiled. It wuld make sense
to have help with creating rpm and deb packets too. Note that
many people seem to be unable or unwilling to install binaries directly from 
source and that there is no cdrtools anymore on most Linux distributions.

As you seem to be interested in Linux, this should look important to you too.

> There is no harm in having two programs for the task of
> CD burning. After all we have no reason to compete other
> than in a friendly and helpful way.

A program that does not work on Solaris is no competition for me ;-)

> With DVD, there are two programs since quite a while.
> And wether you accept it or not, for the task of growing
> an ISO file system on a DVD, growisofs is unsurpassed.
> Easy to operate and very versatile with media.

Sorry, but growisofs is not what I would call userfriendly.


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