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Re: Verifying backup CD/DVD results

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> I found this link: http://swaj.net/unix/cdck/cdck-0.6.0.tar.gz which is 
> a program to read a CD or DVD and report on the goodness of the burn, in 
> terms of current and potential errors. I can't swear that the results 

>From the URL, it looks like a UNIX tool, but it does not compile on UNIX :-(

Looking at http://swaj.net/unix/cdck/cdck-shot1.png, it seems to be 
reimplementation of what's in "readcd" sice a long time and readcd is 

Call: "readcd meshpoints=100" and use the GNUplot script from the cdrtools


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