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Re: Oddness piping mkisofs into recent cdrecord versions

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> Craig Harding wrote:
> > I've had the same problem and if you use tsize=`mkisofs -print-size 
> > -quiet file.iso`s as one of the flags then it should work..
> > Make note that the 's' after the tsize cmd is correct, check the man 
> > page for this flag..
> >
> > eg: mkisofs file.iso | cdrecord -data tsize=`mkisofs -print-size 
> > -quiet file.iso`s -
> >
> > craig.
> The issue is that the mkisofs is running on another machine over a 
> network. I want to burn a CD, and it is really not desirable to jump 
> through hoops to do so, nor to try and get the tsize= through reliably. 
> A drawback to the recording modes or ISO filesystem characteristics. As 
> noted an oddity rather than a bug.

cdrecord did warn about the planned change for 2.5 years.
If you did change your scripts before, you did not notice the final change.

Note that you may either call cdrecord -tao or use tsize=


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