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About cdrecord -atip and -minfo


> >  not fixely standardized output of cdrecord -atip.
> > My backup tool is [was] grep'ing for "^  Is erasable".
> Maybe, I should go back to the old string at least for the -atip
> code as e.g. non-MMC drives stilll use the old string.

This seems to be a good idea.

As your long time user and frontened programmer i would
appreciate if the traditional ways of reporting media info
stay available and compatible. 
As your imitator i learned that other frontends do
interpret those messages and try to act accordingly.

> This is what -minfo currently prints for an appendable
> multi-border DVD+R:

I understand -minfo shall become a new general source of
media info.

The current man-page entry for "-minfo" is still a bit
sparse. So i assume the format is not fixely determined
yet. It would need to be open for future media, anyway.

Maybe you should strive for something like the e-mail
headers: Some of them are standardized by RFCs, some are
plain freestyle of mail tools. Heavy evolution, total mess
- but i can still pick from them the information i need.

For CD media, that could be something like :

  Media-Current: CD-RW
  Media-Profile: 000Ah CD-RW
  Media-Profile: 0008h CD-ROM
  Media-Write-Status: is written
  Media-Close-Status: is appendable
  Media-Reuse: is erasable
  Media-Speed-Max: 10
  Media-Speed-Min: 4
  Media-Content-Layout: Session Track Type    Start      End     Size
  Media-Content-Track:        1     1 data        0    55253    55254
  Media-Content-Track:        5     5 data    77434    80515     3082
  Media-Msinfo: 77434,87416

The most important headers and their meaning should be described
in man cdrecord. Frontend programmers will love it.

Have a nice day :)


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