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Re: cdrecord-2.01.01a21 refuses work on Linux 2.4 if non-ide-scsi DVD-ROM is present

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> Hi,
> on SuSE 9.3 the problem with 
>   /usr/bin/cdrecord-2.01.01a21-hz100: Permission denied. Cannot open '/dev/hda'. Cannot open SCSI driver.
> is not bound to the binary from SuSE 9.0 but to the
> setuid bit:
> The locally compiled version does not work any more
> as soon as it is treated with chmod u+s by the superuser.
> After that it does not work for a su superuser either.

This looks like a major bug in Suse.... 

> The only visible difference between the binaries from
> SuSE 9.0 and 9.3 is that the 9.0 binary omits the ATA busses
> unless dev=ATA is given with -scanbus.
> (Because of the #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE <= 0x020600 ,
> i assume.)
> Sorry for any confusion.

Does a suid root binary work in case that there is
#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE <= 0x020600

> To my great surprise all burn programs work despite there
> is a hald which automounts any ISO-CD inserted into any of
> the drives.
> The first auto-thingie that i have seen which is not a pain
> in the ass on the first attempt.

There are reports that this hald sometimes interrupts the burn process.

The only auto volume tool that did not cause problems was vold on Solaris 
(since ~ 1992).

A few weeks ago, it has been replaced by a hald that seems to rely on
the same features from sd.c that vold did rely on. Let us see whether
Solaris did survive this change.


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