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Re: mkisofs memory hungry?

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> > DVD backup server. This machine has 96MB memory,
> That machine must be several years older than the
> DVD burner.
> > I thought mkisofs is somewhat pipeline process, files comes in, iso
> > images goes out. I thought the memory needed is not directly related to
> > the amount of data to make ISO image,
> My experience is that memory consumption of mkisofs 
> depends mainly on the number of files. 
> A consumption of 50 to 100 MB for a 4 GB ISO image is
> not unusual. That's single percent of payload.
> Since you got many small files, the ratio might be higher.
> I got a subtree of 2 million empty files where mkisofs
> exceeds 2 GB of memory consumption. I never found out
> wether it would finally end or crash.

Why? Did you stop it?

BTW: today, the recommended memory is 1 GB per CPU.
If you run big database applications, you usually have even much
more memory....


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