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Re: mkisofs memory hungry?

å¼ é?¡æ­¦ <zhangweiwu@realss.com> wrote:

> Hello. I choose one machine in the office to be the DVD backup server.
> This machine has 96MB memory, in most cases the debian system running on
> it keep 64MB memory free. In this office we don't have other machine
> that is supposed to keep up in midnight for backup.
> the DVD backup server is supposed to collect 4GB files (many of them are
> pretty small) and make an iso image out if it, burn it to DVD burner. At
> the first time mkisofs runs (this evening), I was surprised this script
> runs several hours with HDD extremely busy, and still the output iso
> image stays at 0-bit. top(1) says it takes 64% memory, while 93MB
> physical memory and 160MB swap space are occupied (168MB swap space in
> total).
> I thought mkisofs is somewhat pipeline process, files comes in, iso
> images goes out. I thought the memory needed is not directly related to
> the amount of data to make ISO image, so I feel this behaviour is
> strange.

mkisofs needs to keep all metadata of all files in allocated memory.

Mkisofs seems to behave OK.


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