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adding files in small increments


I'm currently in a project where we try to burn log-files from disk to dvd-r.
The goal is to rotate a log-file every 20 minutes and have it copied to
read-only media in order to make it hard for an evil person to tamper with the

We currently use the following commands in order to burn the files:

initially, with a new media: 

growisofs -input-charset=iso-8859-15 --speed=1 -Z <list of files> -R -J

and for appending more files:

growisofs -input-charset=iso-8859-15 --speed=1 -M <list of files> -R -J

The problem is that after a while, about 1,5 days, we can no longer append
files. As the files are quite small, much below 100MB totally, my guess is
that we are running out of sessions. However, someone suggested that we might
be able to use multiple tracks in each session. This would gain us 99 tracks *
the number of sessions, effectively increasing the period by a factor 100
before needing to switch media.

I have tried reading the manuals of mkisofs and cdrecord but have not been
able to come up with a command-line that would write multiple tracks to a

Do anyone on this list have a suggestion on how to do this? Or maybe an
insight into whether this would be possible to implement at all?



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