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Snoop DVD (MMC/ATAPI/SCSI) requests

Hi. I'm running Windows as a Guest OS in VMware on Linux. In Windows, a
closed source application communicates with my DVD writer using VMwares
virtual DVD, connected to /dev/hdc, which is my DVD writer.

Now, I'd like to monitor all communication with my DVD. I found out about
blktrace and it looked very promising. However, I've now discovered that
blktrace cannot display all data, for example Inquiry Data. This is also
pointed out by http://lkml.org/lkml/2005/8/23/70:

"the cdb is dumped, not the data"

So, are there any other tools that I can use to snoop the DVD
communication? I've tried strace without luck.

/Peter �trand <astrand@lysator.liu.se>

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