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In defense of TAO

I understand that the author of cdrecord is considering dropping support
for TAO ?

I would like support for TAO to continue based on the following arguments.

Most newer units support TAO Overwrite for CD-RWs if there is only one
track/session recorded ( the case at least for me when it's data only ).
This means there is no need to blank the disc prior to recording.
There is also no need for a "gap" which means more space on the disc
for real data.

CD-RW in DAO mode works good too but it requires blanking before you
can use it again. There is no such thing as DAO Overwrite. Is there ?
CD-RW in Packet mode has overwrite capability but it requires extra

And if I have a small (less than 700 megs) amount of data to backup,
why use a DVD ? In these cases, which are frequent for me, a CD-RW
in TAO mode is my choice everytime. No blanking, no extra formatting.
I'm lazy.


Bill Mudd 

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