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Blue-Ray drives and media

I see that Blue-Ray media is out, at about $1/GB for 25 and 50GB media, and that drives will be shipping next month, at a list price of about $750 US. The most interesting thing about that is the media, Blue-Ray uses a non-organic layer, which is supposedly not light sensitive, not (reasonable) heat sensitive, non-magnetic, and stores enough on a single media and at a high enough speed to make this look like a very good archival storage media. In fact, several reviews have commented that it was a design goal to make the media stable.

I hope the media will come down a bit in price, but even where it is I can probably justify using it instead of tape. Tape elements of a storage array are only 75GB native, and as costly. They are larger and need to be shielded. And when read the media is actually flexed over heads.

Which comes down to my question: will any current CD/DVD burning software just look at the unit information to get the size and then "just work?" Or is support going to be limited to Windows and canned software aimed at HDTV rather than serious backup activity?

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