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Re: Problems when writing DVDs with growisofs

 What data transferrate would you exspect while writing to a DVDRAM?

What does media case say? 3x? 2x? But no, not that much...

 I know, that is slower than DVD+/-RW, since it does verify the data,

Keep in mind that data written to DVD-RAM is verified immediately upon write only when explicitly asked for with WRITE AND VERIFY command[*]. Otherwise data verification is performed upon later playback and if block smells deteriorated, then the data is transparently moved to spare area. It should also be noted that advertised velocity of 2-3x can only be observed when you switch off defect control system [or bypass it be means of "streaming recording"[**]]. So that as defect control is [presumably] on by default, you're likely to observe lower speeds, 1x if not less, so that an order of one hour magnitude for 4GB should be reasonable...

[*] growisofs can do this with -use-the-force-luke=wrvfy, also note that Linux kernel does *not* do anything of that sort; [**] for technically minded "streaming recording" refers to WRITE(12) with "streaming" bit set;

 but with my setup it takes hours to write 4GB...

 Hardware: LG 4163B (A106 firmware, newest stable)
 Software: Linux (newest stable)

 formatted with udf (udftools)
 Mounted directly (no pktcdvd...)

I wouldn't put so much faith to Linux UDF write performance. Use ext2 or stick to growisofs:-) One way or another it hardly have anything to do with pktcdvd. A.

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