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Re: Problems when writing DVDs with growisofs

>  attempt to access beyond end of device
>  hdd: rw=0, want=8388608, limit=8388604

Writing files several times takes more space on disk than writing them
all at once. Perhaps 

> dd if=/dev/hdd of=/tmp/dvd.iso
> The processes reports no error neither on user level nor in
> the kernel log files.

There's a >10 year old kernel bug which could be causing this.

What is the size of the filesystem in bytes? Use df with the DVD or
loop-mounted iso file. Then run isoinfo -d -i /dev/hdd and multiply the
sectors number by 2048 - is this more than the size of your
/tmp/dvd.iso? If so, you found the problem and confirmed the >10y kernel

The solution to this old kernel bug is to add -pad padsize=10x75s to
your mkisofs or growisofs command line. Also, you won't see this bug on
a DVD+RW which has been written once before with more blocks than you're
currently trying to read. If this padding doesn't fix your problem, post


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