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Re: growisofs 6.1 fails to allocate shared memory beyond 16m

 >SV> I'm running Linux 2.615 on a Slamd64 distro.
 >SV> I've successfully compiled dvd+rw-tools 6.1.
 >SV> If I launch growisofs as normal user no problem to allocate whatever
 >SV> size of the fifo buffer.
 >SV> :-( unable to anonymously mmap 33554432: Resource temporarily
 >SV> unavailable

Are you absolutely certain you are usig 6.1? I reported this error for 6.0
do not see it any more in 6.1.

Yes, surely I'm running 6.1 version.

Note that growisofs attempts to increase the locked limit upon start-up and it even reserves for extra 4MB for code, data and stacks. Is it possible that extra 4MB is not sufficient for your system? Try to experiment with different values for ulimit -l/limit memorylocked, most notably `expr \( 32 + N \) \* 1024` with N > 4. A.

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