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Re: Problems burning DVD-RW on Plextor PX-716a

Thank you Joerg! I've just download Pro version of cdrecord and try to blank disk with "fast" which gives me error when I tried to burn DVD, but after I've used "blank=all" option it solved the problem and I was able to burn DVD-RW. Thank you once again for advice and thanks for making great program, without it living on Linux would be hard :)

Best regards,
Denis S.
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Joerg Schilling wrote:

Denis S <denis@weblamp.net> wrote:

Hi! I'm new to this list so sorry if this quesiton was already raised(I've search archive but didn't find an answer please point me if I overlook it). I had PX-716a drive and got a problem with writing DVD-RW disks, new disks are burning without any issues, but if you try to rewrite it, k3b prompt me to format it, but even after this it doens't accept disk. I've

cdrecord blank=fast ....

should help.

In case it was already formatted

cdrecord blank=all ....


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