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growisofs: failed DVD with SK=3h/ASC=0Ch/ACQ=00h Input/output error


I'm a complete DVD newbie, as I only burned 2 DVDs in my
life, and I'm getting this error on the second one I tried
(I have ample experience burning and mastering CDs, though)

I'm trying to burn a 4.2G directory to a DVD. This is on a
dual boot FreeBSD/WinXP machine. The first DVD was burned on
WinXP using Nero (data files, pretty standard ISO9660 except
for the size) so, in the absence of more tough testing I can
just say that the drive seems to be working. 

The second DVD failed. And this is the (summarizd) output:

omega# growisofs -Z /dev/cd1 -dvd-video DVD_VIDEO/
Executing 'mkisofs -dvd-video DVD_VIDEO/ | builtin_dd of=/dev/pass2 obs=32k seek
/dev/pass2: "Current Write Speed" is 4.1x1385KBps.
 0.23% done, estimate finish Thu Feb  2 17:43:40 2006
 0.45% done, estimate finish Thu Feb  2 16:37:16 2006
 53.91% done, estimate finish Thu Feb  2 14:48:33 2006
 54.13% done, estimate finish Thu Feb  2 14:48:51 2006
 54.36% done, estimate finish Thu Feb  2 14:48:38 2006
:-[ WRITE@LBA=126290h failed with SK=3h/ASC=0Ch/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
builtin_dd: 1204880*2KB out @ average 0.4x1385KBps
:-( write failed: Input/output error
/dev/pass2: flushing cache
/dev/pass2: closing track
:-[ CLOSE TRACK failed with SK=5h/ASC=30h/ACQ=05h]: Invalid argument
/dev/pass2: closing disc
:-[ CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/ASC=30h/ACQ=05h]: Invalid argument

Now, since I'm a newbie I just want to have an idea of the
possible causes and or solutions: 

is this caused by bad media?  the speed was chosen by
growisofs automatically (~4x), is this OK or should I use a
lower speed? Is there any way I can retry the process (point
growisofs to the same path and using the same incomplete

I don't think it could be that the data doesn't fit the
disk, as it's failing at ~ 50% of completion ...

Boring details follow below. Thanks in advance for any


OS: FreeBSD-6.0p4 (i386)
growisofs: v5.21
mkisofs: v2.01
drive: TOSHIBA CD/DVDW SD-R5372/TU31 @ata1-slave UDMA33

omega# dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/cd1
INQUIRY:                [TOSHIBA ][CD/DVDW SD-R5372][TU31]
 Mounted Media:         1Bh, DVD+R
 Media ID:              INFODISC/R20
 Write Performance:     4.0x1385=5540KB/s@[0 -> 2295103]
 Speed Descriptor#0:    00/2295103 R@1.0x1385=1385KB/s W@4.0x1385=5540KB/s
 Speed Descriptor#1:    00/2295103 R@1.0x1385=1385KB/s W@2.4x1385=3324KB/s
 Media Book Type:       A1h, DVD+R book [revision 1]
 Legacy lead-out at:    2295104*2KB=4700372992
 Disc status:           appendable
 Number of Sessions:    1
 State of Last Session: incomplete
 "Next" Track:          1
 Number of Tracks:      1
 Track State:           invisible
 Track Start Address:   0*2KB
 Next Writable Address: 1204320*2KB
 Free Blocks:           1090784*2KB
 Track Size:            2295104*2KB
 ROM Compatibility LBA: 265696
READ CAPACITY:          1*2048=2048

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