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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c


>>> You've merely heard an echo of quasi-technical rumor.
>> I repeated (my understanding of) the guts of what was said, I don't say
>> it's technically correct.
> Please note that I rather reacted on Thomas' interpretation of the 
> statement/rumor you've passed on
> He interpreted it as if there 
> is something magical "DVD-patched cdrecord" does, which provides 
> ubiquitous *technical* justification for its existence. I just couldn't 
> let him keep believing it, that's all:-)

That's how i perceived it and that's about what i was asking
for an echo by the usual experts.
I appreciated the clarification. Thanks.

About my negligent spreading of the rumor that 
Restricted Overwrite was a growisofs attribute:

I googled for "restricted overwrite". The results on the
first page are as follows:

1) a german page refering to Andy Polyakov
2) a japanese (?) page refering to dvd+rw-tools
3) a general DVD explanation on www.roxio.com
4) a question from this mailinglist about dvd+rw-tools
5) a german university talking about growisofs
6) a dutch university talking about dvd+rw-tools
7) http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/-RW/
8) a german general explanation of DVD technologies

So as far as Google voting is concerned, a 75% majority
points to Andy Polyakov as foster father of Restricted Overwrite.
At least if queried via a german Linux Mozilla.

No doubt that this will cause confusion among future

Have a nice day :)


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