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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c


> >   Vendor_info    : 'HL-DT-ST'
> >   Identifikation : 'DVDRAM GSA-4082B'
> >   Revision       : 'A201'
> I am not sure about the firmware/laser pule former quality of this 
> Hitachi Goldstar drive. I recommend to repeat this test with
> a drive from Pioneer, Plextor or NEC
> >
> > 30 minutes later it is finished without further message.
> > The burn attempt via cdrecord-ProDVD fails, nevertheless:
> SO the drive did show no problems for the second blank=full operation

I will keep the media for my next burner to come. :))

> >   :-[ PERFORM OPC failed with SK=3h/ASC=73h/ACQ=03h]: Input/output error
> If you use a program with user unfriendly output, please look up the error code
> and expand to text.

Of course i got a copy of

The errors are listed and say the same as the cleartext
messages of growisofs. Namley that OPC failed and that
there occured a write error.

> The biggest difference between DVD- and DVD+ is that
> all DVD- manufacturers are forced to pay for an independent test institute
> that does frequent round robin tests. Any problem is flagged to the related 
> manufacturers of failing pairings.

At least for me and my drive the efforts to bribe away
the gremlins have not paid off.

But i can live with that for a while.
Thanks for the advice about -force. I will keep that in
mind for similar occasions.

Have a nice day :)


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