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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c

> > It might as well indicate your particular firmware deficiency: it simply 
> > fails to pick optimal power for particular media manufacturer[s] or 
> > DVD-RW media in general.

> But why did the media work in september 2004 and die a quick
> and reliable dead in november 2005 ? The same spindles. Two
> brands with two different media infos. Wether unused previously
> or re-written.

Not a mystery Thomas, Andy gave all the possibilities. Each of these can
explain your observations:

* Your drive picks wrong burn power for both the -RW media you mention

* Your drive is badly designed for all -RW media. At first, error
correction manages to "fix" it just, later it's on the other side of
"ok". You'd need a useful error rate scan of the media to establish
this. As DVD is so much consumer rubbish, they didn't bother setting one

* Your drive is in fact defective. At first, error correction ...

  No-one else reporting this kind of problem lends weight to this being
  the case.

* Your drive has deteriorated, put sloppily, is worn now. How many DVDs
did you burn in it in its lifetime? Give us a number. For example, a
friend of mine established for a CD burner that its life lasts 300-400
burns, then it's become so slack, it doesn't meet quality control any
more. All a question of tolerances.

* The media you tried is of short-lived quality. Erasable media isn't
expected to last as long as once-is-it material, which isn't expected to
last as long as pressed ones. Even with pressed ones I wouldn't hold my
breath - the sky will come down before the filmmafia(TM) ensures you get
media which lasts.

Unless you can exclude the first 4 possibilities, you can't say your
-RW issue is caused by the fifth.

> the wrapper of TDK DVD-RW media labeled as "2x" 
>    This product is intended for use only in 4X speed
>    DVD-R/RW drives/recorders."

Looks to me like plenty if idiots made firmware which doesn't limit the
laser power to safe values, so when new media entered the market which
was outside of previously used value ranges, the firmware happily ramped
up power so much, it melted the laser diode. Or something like that.
Sony had to give me a new CD burner probably because of this.


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