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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c

Alexander Noe' wrote:

 > Actually Jörg, I tend to agree with Steve, but it could well be
 > a cultural issue. You do come across rather blunt.

Although this is true, let me tell you some things:

* the difficulties to express such notions in a foreign language are unknown to some (actually, too many) english native speakers who have never tried to learn a foreign language seriously (scholar french/german isn't exactly what I mean when saying 'seriously') and thus prefer to feel insulted rather than just assuming a badly chosen expression.

Understood. I've taken my share of languages, including Spanish, French and Latin. I do understand the issues of "it's lost in the translation." Latin is quite an expressive language, with so many more tenses then, say English.

It was really funny how long the Bush administration needed to find out what the sentences "Nous sommes désolés que notre président soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas voté pour lui." on some shirts made in Canada meant :)


* some people whose native language is not english *think* to be able to express or understand such differences but aren't.

* some people refuse to change an opinion. I don't mean NEC who reliably copies firmware bugs from one drive to the next (the speed selection firmware bug is the same in 3500, 3520, 3540, 3550 and 4550 models), but forum trolls like fugitive/inertia/bob11879 (cdfreaks), fraisouille (hardware.fr), or Odin of Fire (brennmeister) who rather claim that pdflatex developers have special contracts with Adobe than admitting that their boss was too greedy to send a negative reply to a c&d-letter, who claim that a fiat is a knock-off of a BMW (because a fiat also has 4 tyres) rather than admitting that their beloved plextor is behaving extremely weirdly and so on.

I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there simply there to stir things up. Or worse. I catch my share of trolls on many lists, far too many on the local LUG list. I know how they are and how frustrating it is to deal with them.

* Eduard Bloch, who has been mentioned somewhere in a message above is, IIRC, that guy who stated that
  void* p = malloc(whatever);
  unsigned char i = p[17];
was correct C code and that Sun should fix their compiler to accept this Bloch-C...

When you have enough contact with people whose main activity is trolling, you kinda react badly to people using weird arguments, even if it doesn't qualify for trolling. You must admit that the idea to add a workaround for a new linux kernel bug to software that is supposed to work on more platforms than just linux is funny as long as it is not guaranteed that this workaround won't cause new problems...

I do agree that changing any software to accomodate an existing flaw in another software package (particularily a kernel) is on the verge of stupidity. I'm a firm believer in fixing problems, not patching them. Especially patching something that does not have a defect so it will work around something broken in another application.

Until later, Geoffrey

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