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Re: growisofs will not write at 8x with NEC 3540A

Last response, sorry for all the outward e-mail.

For the first 1000mb or so it wrote at a steady 4x, after i heard the DVD start spinning faster and it then began writing at a steady 6x.    Then around 2300mb it started writing at a steady 8x.  I am not sure what caused the slow start or even what caused it to speed up.

Hope this helps,

> "George P Nychis" <gnychis@cmu.edu> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I have an NEC 3540A along with Ritek Ridata 8x DVD-R's.  If i burn a
>> DVD iso in windows with nero I get true 8x speed.  When I burn in linux
>> with growisofs, my speeds vary from 1.5x-4x which is horrible.  Is
>> there no 8x support yet?
> Try
> cdrecord dev=... -v -sao speed=8 -force image.iso
> Once I put in a workaround for a NEC firmware problem, you will be able to
> avoid the -force.
> ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/ProDVD/
> Jörg
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George Nychis
INI MSIN Masters Student,
Carnegie Mellon University

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