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Unidentified subject!

Dear Haworth Customer:

Thank you for your email to getinfo@HaworthPress. Your message will be
forwarded to the appropriate person or department at Haworth, who will
respond as promptly as possible.

If, however, you do not hear back soon or want to follow up, we have listed
some staff and department direct contact information below. Answers to
other questions and additional information may be found at our FAQ section:

Customer Service Department: email: lstarley@HaworthPress.com
(missing orders, missing journal issues or subscriptions, problems with
orders, etc.)
Manager: Linda Starley, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 309

Electronic Publications: email: e_publications@haworthpress.com
(for all questions and problems concerning online journal subscriptions and
online access)
Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 402

Order Department and Sample Copy Department: email: orders@HaworthPress.com

(to place orders or to request a sample copy of a Haworth journal)
Assistant Manager: Susan Neer, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 358

E-resources Department: email: eresources@HaworthPress.com
(for email comments and to unsubscribe)
Contact: Timothy Bronstein, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 377

Haworth Website: email: webmaster@HaworthPress.com
(for website suggestions, complaints, and inquiries)

For media kits and advertising rates for Haworth journals:
email: jwint@HaworthPress.com
Contact:  Jason Wint, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 346

Sales and Publicity Department: email: sales@HaworthPress.com
(for book review copies, booksigning information, conference/exhibit
information, publicity requests, textbook examination copies)
Contact: Todd Sherwood, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 375

Book Division: email: dbarnes@HaworthPress.com
(for information on how to submit book proposals; book editorial questions)
Contact: Donna Barnes, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 349

Journal Production Department: email: zondrey@HaworthPress.com
(journal production questions)
Manager: Zella Ondrey, Tel: (570) 459-5933, ext. 302

Advertising/Marketing Dept: email: ssickels@HaworthPress.com
(to request book flyers or catalogs; to propose marketing ideas)
Contact: Sandra Jones Sickels, Tel: (607) 722-5857 ext. 345

Journal Circulation Department: email: lbeagell@HaworthPress.com
(for subscription address changes for journal subscriptions, missing issues
for abstracting/indexing services, complimentary and editorial board
members subscriptions, group adoption)
Manager: Lori Beagell, Tel: (607) 722-5857, ext. 339

Thank you very much for your interest!

The Haworth Press, Inc.

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