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End Time Message

     "   THE PROPHECY "     

                             The III World War of Ezekiel Ch.38 v.4 will
probably take place about the year 2000. It's the war of Russia and her allies
against God's people Israel. The Bible says in Ezekiel Ch.38 v.4 that God
will cause the war by putting "hooks into thy jaws" the jaws of Russia and her
allies. Most scholars agree that Magog is Russia and Gog is the Ruler of
Magog. The Bible also says that they shall be turned back in their primary
invasion (Ezekiel Ch.38, V.4). But God says through the Prophet Ezekiel that "God
will bring him forth and all his army," a second time. The Bible also says in
Ezekiel Ch. 38 V.8 that it shall be in the "latter days" when Israel has been
regathered and settled by "people from many nations". Also that it shall be
in a time of great peace and safety, when Israel shall be "dwelling safely"
(Ezekiel Ch.38 V.11). It shall be a nuclear war because "God said that he would
send a fire on Magog." It also says that "those who dwell securely in the
coastlands"(Ezekiel Ch.39, V6) shall also come to know like Russia, that God is
God. The Bible also says that it will take seven months to bury the dead of
the Russian army and her allies (Ezekiel Ch.39 V.12). It says in Ezekiel
Ch.39 V.2 that only one out of six will live through this war to return to Russia
and tell how God showed His glory in helping Israel.
    Now the bad news to American people, especially Christians, is that we
(the American people) are probably the people that "dwell securely in the
Coastlands." Also we see the countries of Ezekiel Ch.38 V.13 represented as the
protestors of the invasion by Russia. It appears that when we join with
Israel in their defense, that Russia probably using nuclear submarines, will knock
out all our major cities in the United States of America. This is why Jesus
said in Luke Ch.21 V.20-21 that when we see "Jerusalem compassed with armies"
that we should get out of the Judaeas in the U.S. and head for the
    Why should we flee our Judaeas or major U.S. cities? Well the answer is
simple. Because nuclear hell is getting ready to break loose on those who
are "dwelling securely in the Coastlands" (Ezekiel Ch.39 V.6) the major
protector and helper of Israel, the good old U.S. of A. . The reason we know it is
nuclear war is Ezekiel Ch.39 V.9-10 where it says that they shall use the
nuclear energy of the captured armaments and extract the energy out of them for
seven years. It also says in Ezekiel Ch.39 V.10 that they shall not "cut any
wood". That means natural fuel shall not be used. They shall exploit the
nuclear energy of the captured armaments of Russia and her allies. Peter in his
sermon in Ch.2 of the Book of Acts, Verses 19 and 20, said there would be
blood, fire and in Joel Ch.2 V.30 "Pillars of smoke"- that's the famous mushroom
cloud from the explosion of nuclear bombs. Peter in his sermon of Acts 2 said
in V. 20 there would be what we call a nuclear winter - when the sun turns to
    But the good news is that millions of people will turn to God. In Acts
Ch.2 V.21 Peter said "it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the
name of the Lord shall be saved".
    Now after this great war that destroys the United States and Russia,
the world will look for a man of peace, a man of God (so called) to unite all
nations and religions for a world of peace and safety and economic security.
This so called man of peace shall sign a seven year peace pact with Israel
(Daniel Ch.9 V.27). But in the middle of the week of years (7 years), the
scripture says he shall enter into the Jewish temple (which the Jews shall build in
Israel) and cause the sacrifice to stop. It also says that he shall make it
desolate by his actions (Daniel Ch.9 V.27) and the Jews shall flee.
    Furthermore we read in Paul's letter to the church in II Thessalonians
Ch.2 V3-4, that he shall sit in the Jewish temple in Israel showing himself
to be God, and demand that all receive a mark in their right hand or forehead
(Rev. Ch.13 V.16-17) or they cannot buy or sell anything, including food. HE
is the "abomination of desolation" in the Holy place spoken of by Jesus in
Mathew Ch.24 V.15. Jesus also told the Jews to flee this Beast or Antichrist
sitting in the temple in Mathew Ch.24 V.15-20. This is a message to Jews
because Mathew is to Jews.
    Now what's in store for Christians? Well, according to Daniel Ch.12
V.10 many shall be tested, but "the wicked shall do wickedly" (they shall take
the mark of the Beast). But the victorious Christians shall be the "blessed
saints that wait till the end of the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five
days" (Daniel Ch.12 V.12). These are "the saints that wait for the rapture,"
or coming of Christ in the clouds of glory (II Thess. Ch.2 V.1 and I
Corinthians Ch.15 V.52 and I Thess. Ch.4 V.4-18).
    This will be 75 days past the middle of Daniel's seventieth week and
105 days after the Antichrist is revealed (II Thess. Ch.2 V.1-4).
    So we see Christians will be tested only for 3 ½ months under the rule
of the Beast. Then we shall rapture out of here and wait in heaven for the
end of the tribulation and the return of Christ to set up His kingdom to rule
on earth 1000 years and after that eternity in the New Heaven. Thank you
"REVELATION  REVEALED"                              

    The beast in the book of Revelation is none other than the last pope
that reigns when Jesus returns. In Revelation Ch.13 V.18 it shows us how to
identify him, through one of his names. The name is VICARIVS-FILII-DEI (see
illustration below), which adds up in roman numerals to 666.
    The beast again is mentioned in the 17th Chapter off Revelation, verse
11 as one of seven beasts or anti-Christs to rule on the earth through the
ages. It also states that he is the eighth, but is of the seven. This could be
none other than Judas, the Judas that betrayed Jesus. We read in the book of
Acts Ch.1 V.25 that Judas fell and "went to his own place". This place is
called the bottomless pit, that the beast ascends out of, in Ch.11 V.7 in the
book of Revelation. In the same verse it tells how he will have the two
witnesses killed in sodom of Egypt, which is where Jesus was slain or crucified.
This city is Jerusalem, where the beast shall sit in the temple and say he is
God,(II Thess. Ch.2, verse 3 and 4.)
       V   I  C  A  R  I  V  S        F I  L  I  I       D  E  I
        |   |   |         |   |               |  |   |  |       |      |   
       5  1  100        1  5              1  5  1 1    500    1
     The Great Whore is called that great city which reigns over the Kings
of the Earth, in Revelation Ch.17 V.18. This is a direct reference to Rome,
the city of seven hills, by which it is well known. This is where she rides
the beast with seven heads which are the seven mountains of Rome and are
mentioned in Revelation Ch.17 V.9 as where she sits. In Revelation Ch.17 Verse 5
she is called not only the whore or Harlot, but the mother of Harlots or Leader
of other churches and religions that line up with her, and let her control
them and bring them into beast worship and receiving the mark of the beast.
This is possible with a computer chip injected into the skin in the right hand
or forehead to use like the new smart cards coming out now, with a chip in
them. Read Revelation Ch.13 Verse 16-17,and Ch.14 verse 9-12.
    The call to all people under her control or demonic spell mentioned in
Revelation Ch.18 verse 4, is to come out of her and be not partaker of her
sins. For she shall be judged for the blood of God's servants which she has
shed. Probably a reference to the dark ages and the millions of people beheaded
by the beast or the pope in the last days, for all shall be beheaded without
his mark, 666.
    The two witnesses are the apostle John and the prophet Elijah. They
shall be witnesses of God against the Devil and the beast, which is the last
pope and the great whore and her daughters. The catholic church and all the
devils that join with her in beast worship are what Jesus in Revelation Ch.17 V.5
called the Great Whore and her daughters.
    The secret revealing John as one of the witnesses is found in
Revelation Ch.10 V11, also in Revelation Ch.10 V.4. He is told to seal up this message
and "write them not." Why, because this is something to be prophecied in the
last days by him in person to the nations, with Elijah also prophesying. It
is for him only to prophecy, because it is sweet in his mouth. But his will
be a message of judgement because it will be bitter in his belly Revelation
Ch.10 V.10. It is a message to be spoken and is not in the Bible, it is called
the seven thunders in Revelation chapter 10 verse 4. He ate the message and
it's in him.
    Elijah is the second witness because it says in the book of Malachi
Ch.4, verse 5 that God will send Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the
Lord. This is when Jesus comes back to Earth to set up his kingdom on Earth,
and rule the Earth for 1000 years, Revelation Ch.19,verse15&16. Also in
Revelation Ch.20, verse 4, it speaks of the terrible day of the Lord and his
return to judge the nations and rule in Revelation Ch.19, verse 11.

    I'm sorry to write that it appears that the Devil will in a sense,
defeat part of the church of the lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately not all
Christians have the same power with God. Those that have gone on to sonship will not
be bothered by Mr.666. So the good news is ,Rev.13,7 is not defeat for the
manifested sons of God mentioned in Romans Ch.8, verse 23.
    We see that according to this verse 23 we can go on with God and become
bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh as explained in Ephesians Ch.5, V.30
& V.32. This is the true meaning of being "Born Again." Jesus said in John
Ch.3, V.3 that if you are not born again, you can not see the kingdom of God.
He also said we can not enter the kingdom of God in John 3, verse 5 if we are
not born of the spirit or "Born of God" as we read in I John Ch.5, V.4. The
experience mentioned in I John Ch.5, V.4 also says this is that which
"overcometh the world." This includes the Beast or Antichrist in Revelation Ch.13,
V.7 which shall make war with the saints and it says he shall overcome them.
This is not the manifested sons of God of Romans Ch.8, V.23 and I John Ch.5,
    The Bible teaches us in II Thess. 2, V.3 that the coming of Christ
"shall not happen until there is the falling away first and the man of sin be
revealed" (the last pope, Mr.666).
    So the church will be tested a little and probably rapture out of here
with the two witnesses when God says in Rev. Ch.11,V.11 & 12 to them "with a
great voice, come up here."
    He didn't say John and Elijah come up here or some other name, so
that's probably the rapture of all God's people. If Jesus had not used the name of
Lazurus in John Ch.11, V.43, all the dead saints would have come forth, but
in this case he doesn't specify who, so it might be all of us. According to
that we will know when we leave here, about 3 ½ days after we see the two dead
witnesses on CNN or some channel of international television. But my point
is still the same, those fully converted shall not be defeated ever, and only
killed by the Beast if God permits it. Many shall be transported like Elijah
and also Phillip after baptizing the Ethiopian in Acts Ch.8,V.39. Many shall
also receive food without the mark of the Beast like Elijah and the widow
woman in the 3 ½ years of drought, typical of the last days in I Kings Ch.17,
V.12-16. This will be the supernatural saints which are able to overcome the
Beast, Mr.666, the last pope and some Pentecostal prophet that sells his gift
for reward like the prophet Balaam in Jude V.11, and does miracles to prove
that the pope is God on Earth.
    The defeated saints of Rev. Ch.13, V.7 will probably be those "in the
great falling away," when the mark of the beast comes into being. The only way
to buy food for your children will be the computer chip in the hand or the
forehead or a little faith & power or at least enough faith to die for Jesus
and not take the "mark of the pope"or "Beast."
    When you repent and get baptized you are saved from hell. This is the
blood of Jesus bearing witness in Earth, your earthen vessel, that you are
forgiven, I John 5,8 , but you need the other two bearing witness, the spirit
and the water. This is the washing of the water by the word in Ephesians Ch.5,
V.26 and the witness of the spirit, being transformed by the renewing of your
mind that you may prove not only the good and acceptable will of God, but
that you may prove the perfect will of God for your Life at all times, Romans
Ch.12, V.2 & Romans Ch.8, verses 13, 21, & 23.
    Saints of God, hear the word and get converted.

           On Jan. 12, 1995, God revealed to me that "the 5 Wise Virgins"
are the ones to go out to meet the bridegroom and become joined together with
him in marriage, the marriage of Christ and half the Church or half the saved
people. These are those that become "bone of his bone, and flesh of his
flesh" (Ephesians Ch.5 V.30 & 32).
    These are the Christians of Ephesians Ch.5 V.18, 19 & 20 that let God
fill their vessels with the oil of the Holy Ghost, also Mathew Ch.25 V.4.
After being filled with God's Spirit, you lose your love for the world and want
to be joined together with Jesus and live only for him (Ephesians Ch.5 V.30 &
    When this happens Jesus will take you as his wife and you will be one
with him. This experience is only for the 5 Wise Virgins, because without the
oil of the Spirit brainwashing and transforming you (Romans Ch.12 V.2) you
will never be received or taken as his wife.
    This is what God was talking about when he said, "Come out from among
them and be ye separate" saith the Lord, "and I shall receive you" (abbrev.)
(II Corinthians Ch.6 V.14). The five foolish Virgins will not be able to stand
up against the Beast and the false prophet and they shall receive the mark
of the Beast. That's why Jesus will say to them in Mathew Ch.25 V.12 "I know
you not."
    Now the "door was shut" to the five foolish Virgins or half the Church.
This shutting of the door is the closing of the Holy Ghost churches where
you get the oil. An example of this is meetings that fill your vessel so full
you fall out in the Spirit and get drunk on the Spirit of God, like in the
book of Acts in Ch.2 V.15, 16 & 17.
    The Beast of Rome shall close the Churches and the five foolish Virgins
will worship the Beast of Rome with a two-way T.V. that lets you put your
computer chip that's in your hand in front of an electronic eye that records
your worship. !
    However, the five Wise Virgins shall be the ones that are the "blessed
who are called to the marriage supper of the lamb" ( Revelation Ch.19 ,
V.9).They are the "blessed 5 Wise Virgins" - because "they made themselves ready"
(Revelation Ch.19 , V.7) for a marriage with Christ to be "bone of his bone
and flesh of his flesh" (Ephesians Ch.5 V. 30 & 32). The "wife of Christ that
made herself ready for marriage" in Revelation Ch.19 V.7, did this according
to Ephesians Ch. 5 V. 26 & 27 by "the washing of the water by the word" "that
he might present it to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle
, holy and without blemish" (abbrev.).
    The marriage of Christ and the 5 Wise Virgins is here on earth. It is
the ultimate experience to have with God. The marriage supper or reception and
celebration after the marriage is also here on Earth.
    When I had this experience about 10 years ago, God showered me with
gifts shortly after my marriage to Christ "in the Spirit." God grew arches in my
flat feet, he grew out a flat spot on the back of my head and gave me a face
lift by doing this. God's power came down upon me and reshaped my upper
torso, making my chest and upper body much larger which cured me of chronic chest
pain. Later God grew my arms longer because they were too short after God
made my upper body much greater in size. God changed my skin so it wouldn't
burn easily in the sun. He also made my bones much stronger than before. Many
other miracles happened during this time of celebration.
    After this amazing experience of the end-time, I had to hide out in
Egypt like baby Jesus did, until Herod died (Mathew Ch.2 V.13, 14 & 15).
    Well, things are changing in the church world; the Herod's are dying
out and God's sons are being called forth from Egypt (Mathew Ch.2 V.15).
    The marriage of the 5 Virgins" to Jesus (Ephesians Ch.5 V.30 & 32) and
the "born again experience" of John Ch.3 V.3 and the "adoption as a son" or
"sonship" (Romans Ch.8 V.15) are all the same end-time experience with God.
    Look out Devil ; the end-time church is coming forth on the Earth. "To
as many as have received him, to them gave he power to become the Sons of
God" (John Ch.1 V.12)
    There is much more than simple salvation. We have an obligation to God
to get converted. HALLELUJAH TO JESUS

    On September 8, 1994 I awoke in the morning sensing a strange presence
of God's Spirit . As the day progressed the power of God kept getting
stronger and stronger. By noontime I was totally permeated by the power and glory of
God . About mid-morning I heard a loud voice from God say to me, that on
this very day the U.S. would suffer a great catastrophy and I began telling
everyone that I felt an airliner was going to crash that very day, and that I
felt possibly someone would attempt to kill the president.
    Well , as we all know the plane did crash , and a few days later a man
tried to kill the President by flying his plane into the White House in
Washington , D.C .
    For days I tried to figure what kind of manifestation of the Spirit
that was . Finally one day as I read and re-read the Book of Romans , God caused
verse 17 of the 14th chapter to jump out at me , and God revealed to me that
I had stepped into God's kingdom for one day. The next day I awoke feeling
normal , but what an experience to have with God. I was so full of the Holy
Ghost I almost felt like I was drunk on the Spirit , like on the day of
Pentecost in Acts , Ch.2 V.15 . Certainly we are living in the last days and God is
manifesting His mighty power . I've had other airplane crash predictions ,
but never have I had such an experience of God's power.
    I was so drunk on the Spirit of God that I couldn't even remember how
many people I had told the prophecy to . The next day people were really
excited and asked me how I could do that . I tried to explain how God's power came
upon me but I think it only made them wonder , since most of them were not
Christians . One thing I want to say is , when God wants to move by His Spirit
through His Prophets , He doesn't need a church filled with praying
believers to stir up His Spirit by singing for one hour . We're living in the last
days and God is moving again just like in the "Book of Acts." God's true
prophets don't need music , noise , praise or prayers of repentance to get stirred
up to prophecy God's word !
    They walk in the Spirit and have the mind of Christ . This is called
"the manifestation of the Sons of God." Romans Ch.8 V.19 .
    This is God's last revelation to His church , "sonship". It's doing the
works of Jesus or even "greater works", for Jesus said he had to return to
his Father in Heaven . John Ch.14 V. 12.
    THE 144,000 Virgin Jews of Rev. Ch.14 V.1-5 , are the "son's of God"
that will manifest the very ministry of Jesus in the last days . All the great
teachers to the church think they are Jews according to the flesh . If they
really had the Holy Ghost in them , they would have a little revelation in the
Word of God . They walk in the flesh and the flesh will make them bow down
to the last Pope and take his mark to buy food for their bellies ---GOD HELP
US !

(ROMANS CH.8 V. 21)
    We read in the Bible of the glorious Liberty of "God's Children". This
is actually the realm of the Gift of "all faith" so that you can move
mountains, as Paul referred to it in I Corinthians Ch.13 V.2 .
    The glorious Liberty mentioned in the Bible is also the realm of
miracles and manifestation of great power from God . This is the power that
separates you from the maybe babies that never grow up in the spiritual realm .
    They continue in a state of spiritual childhood their entire Christian
life . That's why Paul said he could only give milk to the church at Corinth
in I Corinthians Ch.3 V.2 .
    But things are changing for God's people . It's time for God to send
his end-time messengers to the church and separate the tares from the wheat and
the sheep from the goats . (Read Mathew Ch.13 V.25-30 and Mathew Ch.25
    And it's time for the manifestation of the "Sons of God" in Romans Ch.8
V.19 . "Sonship " is the experience of being "Born of God" as we read in I
John Ch.5 V.4 . It is also the experience of being "born again" as described
in John Ch.3 V.3 by Jesus .

    Jesus said if we are not "born again" (we can not see) the kingdom of
God or we are believers like Nicodemus - but not "born of God" (John Ch.1 V.13
and John Ch.3 V.7).
    So we are spiritually blind to God's Glorious Liberty in the Spirit or
Kingdom of God and we are not only blind to it but we don't know what it is
and we cannot enter into it (John Ch.3 V.3 & 5).
    Jesus said if we are not "born of the Spirit" as we read in Romans
Ch.12 V.2 and Romans Ch.8 V.13 , 19 , 21 , & 23 , and also "born of the Water" as
shown in Ephesians Ch.5 V.26 with the "washing of the water by the word" ,
we will never know God's power .
    The word will brainwash you and the spirit will transform you . After
you're washed clean by the word , then you will be "born of the Spirit" as in
John Ch.3 V. 8 .
    Nicodemus believed in Jesus (John Ch.2 V.23 ; Ch.3 V. 2 ) when he saw
his miracles and power , but he wanted more of God than to just be "saved from
hell". Let's get converted saints , it's called the manifestation of the
Sons of God (Romans Ch.8 V.19).
    My prayer is that God will direct you and be with you in these eventful
days leading up to the coming of Christ and the establishing of his Kingdom
rule for 1,000 years on Earth .

( EXODUS CH.20 V.8-11 )
    In the year 365 , the Catholic synod of Leodicea ruled against
Christians that chose to worship on the Sabbath . Many thousands were killed for this
Christian tradition all through the so called "dark ages" or the ages of
Catholic control over God's people . Few people believe in the true Sabbath as
opposed to the Pope's day invented for sun worshipers on Sunday .
    Years ago I was witnessing in Spanish , to a Spanish speaking Christian
about God's plan shown in Bible prophecy . Suddenly God's power came down
upon me in a very powerful way . When this happened, God revealed to me "by His
Spirit" that God had never changed the day to Sunday from God's day of
Saturday or as the Bible calls it the Sabbath .
    So I went home and tried to find this change of days in the Bible and
could not find any change . The only thing I could find was that Paul the
Apostle said to collect God's money , the offering and on the first day of the
week or Sunday ( I Corinthians Ch.16 V.2 ).
    I personally believe the early Church thought of the Sabbath as such a
holy day they would not even collect money on this day . My earthly father
told me that when he pastured a free (Methodist) church , that they would not
even cook a meal on their holy day . The only problem was , they thought
Sunday was God's holy day , due to the Devil's influence over christians , and the
christian church - that's all that have believed in the Lord Jesus ( John
Ch.3 V.16 ).
    Some people think it should be Sunday (God's most holy day) because of
the tomb being empty on Sunday morning , but that is because he died on
Wednesday and was dead three days and three nights . I believe as Jesus said , he
would be in the heart of the earth "three days and three nights" (Mathew
Ch.12 V.40) , even as Jonah was in the belly of a great fish praying to God for
deliverance for three days and three nights to get delivered from himself
(Jonah Ch.2 V.2).
    That's why Jesus arose from the dead sometime Saturday evening after
the Sabbath had ended . So it would be exactly three days as Jesus had
prophecied . So Jesus didn't rise from the dead on Sunday but Paul the Apostle said
let everyone be persuaded in their own mind as to the right day .
    My prayer is that God will direct you and be with you in these eventful
days leading up to the coming of Christ and the establishing of his kingdom
rule for 1,000 years on Earth .

The Bible teaches?that Jesus is the Saviour of mankind and that there is no
eternal life by any other means , John Ch. 10 V. 28 , 29 ; Ch. 17 V. 2 , 3 ;
Acts Ch. 4 V. 12 ; I Tim. Ch. 2 V. 5.
The Bible teaches?there is eternal life for the faithful, Matt. Ch.13 V. 43
; Rom. Ch. 6 V. 23 ; II Cor. Ch. 5 V. 1 ; II Tim. Ch. 2 V. 10.
The Bible teaches?the resurrection of the dead, when Christ returns , Mark
Ch.12 ,V. 24, 25 ; Luke Ch.14 V.14 ; John Ch.5 V. 28 , 29 ; Dan Ch.12 V. 2 .
The Bible teaches?that we are saved by grace through faith , Acts Ch . 15 ,
V. 11 ; Eph. Ch. 2 V. 5 , 8 ; Rom. Ch.4 V. 16 .
The Bible teaches?baptism by immersion , Matt. Ch. 28 V. 19 : Acts Ch. 22
V. 16 ; Gal. Ch. 3 V. 27 .
The Bible teaches?the baptism of the Holy Spirit , Joel Ch. 2 V. 27 , 28 ;
Acts Ch.1 V. 5 , 8 ; Ch. 2 V.18 , 38 .
The Bible teaches?the second coming of Jesus Christ , personally , that he
will descend from
Heaven , Matt. Ch. 25 V. 31 ; I Thess. Ch. 4 V. 16 , 17 ; II Peter Ch. 3 V.
10 .
The Bible teaches?divine healing by means of prayer , Matt. Ch. 10 V. 8 ;
Mark Ch. 6 V. 13 ; James Ch.5 V. 14 , 15 .
The Bible teaches?that God gives prophecies , revelations , dreams , and
visions by the Holy Spirit , Num. Ch. 12 V. 6 ; Job Ch. 33 V. 14 ; Ch. 2 V. 28
; Matt. Ch. 2 V. 12 .
The Bible teaches?the seventh day is the day of rest blessed by God , Gen.
Ch.2 V. 3 ; Ex. Ch. 20 V. 10 ; Mark Ch. 2 V. 27, 28 ; Heb. Ch. 4 V. 4, 9 .
The Bible teaches?the Holy communion , or the Lord's Supper , is to
commemorate his death , John Ch. 6 V. 48-58 ; I Cor. Ch. 11 V. 23-32 .
The Bible teaches?the washing of feet is a sign of humility , Luke Ch. 7 V.
44 ; John Ch.13 V. 5, 14 .
The Bible teaches?that fasting and prayer are factors which strengthen the
believer , Matt. Ch. 9 V.15; Ch. 17 V.21.

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