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Re: Force growisofs to use lower speed

> I just replaced my 4X dvd burner with a 16X one, but can't burn my DVD any
> more. I was cautious enough to burn my first trial with lower speed, but
> growisofs wouldn't allowed me. It still burns at 8X, thus produced a
> coaster at the end:

First, you can burn at 0.1x all the way through - takes a while, but
it'll work at least with some of the DVD formats.

There was some story that the speed parameter for growisofs is an index
into the drive's available speeds, after removing the ones the inserted
media can't handle. You get the list by inserting a blank and running

>    1605632/4506009600 ( 0.0%) @0.0x, remaining 280:32
> :-? the LUN appears to be stuck writing LBA=310h, retry in 70ms
> [...]
> 4491739136/4506009600 (99.7%) @5.8x, remaining 0:01
> builtin_dd: 2200208*2KB out @ average 5.4x1385KBps

This is a problem with the burner/media. I suspect the burner doesn't
work well with that particular media. Try a different brand.

> - The DVD media was perfectly fine with my previous (no
> longer available) burner.

So what? Different burner, start from scratch when it comes to media.

> - The load was around 0.1 when burning and I used "nice -n -2". So it is
> not a system load issue.

Just to verify, please check the total time the burning process has
reported is identical to the time elapsed when you use a time source
OTHER THAN YOUR COMPUTER. If you get a discrepancy here, the kernel's
time keeping is damaged by the burning process (DMA / interrupt priority
problems) and you can forget all times and all CPU load numbers.

Nice'ing growisofs doesn't get you any useful result. The opposite is
probably true.

Try different media first. I'd start with erasable ones. Check DMA is
enabled on the burner (with hdparm).



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