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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es wrote:
Joerg Schilling wrote:
"ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es" <ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es> wrote:
Does that mean that if I send you a patch to default Burnfree to on and
remove the option will you include it?
Give me a single reason why I should add a patch that break things.
What would it break?

Please let me know, so I can make a patch that works flawlessly.
Don't! Instead write your own burning software from scratch and start your own mailing list where you can whine without having us listen to it. Set you options any way you want, use non-standard sectors size, do error correction in software, any stupid thing except whine about something you get for free and which has an option to do what you want if you would read frigging manual!

You won't make a patch, you can't even configure your mailer.
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