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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?


> > I wrote
> > But only if there is _another_ new option to enable/disable
> > that fake failure exit.
> Matthias Andree wrote :
> Using a separate exit code (and documenting exit codes in the first
> place!!) would suffice.

Not really.

My project accomodates to original cdrecord from 1.6 to 2.01
(and hopefully later).
Even if Joerg would publish a wonderful chart of which
version issues which exit value at what occasion it would
be a nightmare to identify the version and to interpret
changed exit values.
The tradition says that a non-zero exit value indicates
failure. If you want burnfree, then it is no failure if
it saved you.

My project also runs with various cdrecord clones,
with a growisofs wrapper and with a libburn wrapper.
(Just to list the roughly cdrecord compatible things.)

I would go mad if Joerg would introduce throwing
exit values ad libitum. All his imitators (including
myself) would begin to do the same. A nightmare.

BTW: cdrecord-1.6 does not disable burnproof by default.
It does not even know driveropts=burnfree.
If the drive has it on then it stays on. My old Lite-ON
worked fine with that. I provoked coasters and the results
where flawlessly readable.

Have a nice day :)


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