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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?


>> Running cdrecord underneath a front-end, in automated scripts, it might
>> be MUCH easier to look at the exit code rather than parse its messages.
> No, you can still set an error exit code, 
> when burnfree is turned on and
> burnfree kicked it at least once, and throw that CD if you want.

But only if there is _another_ new option to enable/disable
that fake failure exit.

Friends, give it a rest. Take cdrecord as it is.
Joerg's approach has advantages and disadvantages.
But i am with him as long as he keeps it stable.
At least he is one of the very few people who
provide us with a possibility to burn CD under Linux.

It is not forbidden or immoral to try to live
without cdrecord, btw. I am carving my own wooden
leg right now on base of libburn. 
One leg bad - two legs good.
(I only wish both would have the same length.
 libburn does no TAO yet. On the other hand i
 can workaround and featurefiddle in C language.)

Have a nice day :)


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