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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

> > Could you set burnfree on by default or give a competent reason to turn
> > off burnfree?

> If I recall correctly, the first generation of these techniques could
> "cost" near 50 bits, later ones 14 bits, I'm not sure how many bits are
> trashed by current implementations.

> For this reason it's best to not use these link capabilities but write a
> continuous stream.

So you think it's better to produce a definite coaster, as opposed to a
CD which will probably work? I don't. If you're concerned, you can
always check afterwards whether burnfree was needed. Of course you get
better CDs without burnfree being used, but that is a small problem when
compared with buying blanks by price.

According to Jörg, the feature is off by default to ensure continuity
and compatibility with <whatever I've forgotten and don't care about>.
In my opinion, not a competent reason.


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