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Re: DVD Burner Problem

John Baab <john.baab@gmail.com> wrote:

> There was some discussion regarding a non-root users ability to write
> > to cdr & dvd*rw drives about a year ago, and TPTB wound up making them
> > root usable only devices.  Its security related.  That device is usually
> > a softlink to whatever device it is on the ide/atapi disklist, here its
> > /dev/cdrom linked to /dev/hdc.  If you cannot make a link as root, or
> > burn to the real device as root, then thats a slightly different problem.
> I cannot burn as root either.

If you use a _recent_ non bastardized cdrtools version you should be able to to 

Starting with Linux- there was a non-compatible interface change in the 
kernel. This happened 2 weeks before a new cdrtools final was released, so it 
was impossible to inlcude a workaround for the Linux bug without introducing 
the risk of adding even worse problems.

Writing as real root did AFAIK always work.

Writing as non-root using a suid root cdrecord works again since 2.01.01a03

> And if your system is running udev, I'm not familiar with that yet so
> > someone who is will have to answer in detail.
> I am running udev now, but the problem existed before I upgraded to udev.

If you are using a non-standard Linux configuration, it is up to you
to make things working. Note that the last time I checked, udev was not on by 

Also note that by definition of the Linux makers, the Linux-2.6 kernel series
is an experimental and not a stable series.


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