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Re: Which DVD recorder to buy?

lists.cdwrite@duinheks.xs4all.nl wrote:


Op 07 Sep 05 schreef Volker Kuhlmann aan cdwrite@other.debian.org:

>> Could somebody please name some models or point me to a site where
>> I can find this information?
VK> On another list someone was keen on LG, model LG GSA-4163, cheap too.

Well, mine was not really cheap. I did not feel like shopping around
and bought it by mail order. But it looks good: burnt a DVD+R and a
DVD+R(DL) without any problem.

VK> Also does DVD-RAM, which supposedly can be mounted read/write as a
VK> hard disk out of the box with Linux.

This sounds interesting. I'll put some DVD-RAM discs on the shopping
list for my girl friend tomorrow :)

VK> Pioneer 108 and 109 are crap,

The ASUS 1608P turned out to be a Pioneer 109 really. It goes back to
the shop where I bought it next week and I'll get a refund {already
agreed that).

Now that you know what it "really is," did you check that you have the current firmware? I'd check both ASUS and Pioneer on that, they may or may not be different.

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