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Re: Which DVD recorder to buy?


> I'm looking for another DVD recorder (internal, IDE/ATAPI),
> Could somebody please name some models or point me to a site where
> I can find this information?

NEC and LG are quite ok as far as i can say.

My LG GSA-4082B is a bit slow with CD-RW (10xCD)
and doesn't do well with DVD-RAM (<= 1xDVD, 50%
chance to have a checksum mismatch in 3.5 GB of
Nevertheless, you can mkfs and mount DVD-RAM
like a giant floppy.

With DVD-RW it does not like all media. The more
expensive the less like. (shrug)
DVD+RW work best (all my media are 4x RICOHJPN/W11
although from various brands).

If i count it right, i burned a total of 3 DVD+R
with it (Verbatim 4x DVD+R) since spring 2004.
No DVD-R ever.

Linux firmware flashing would be a point for NEC
I've seen several NECs working well with kernel 2.4
and ide-scsi.

Have a nice day :)


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