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Re: CLOSE SESSION failed on DVD+R only

Hello Jörg,

On 23 Aug 05, Joerg Schilling wrote to jbeekhui@duinheks.xs4all.nl, cdwrit:

 >> I tried cdrecord_ProDVD. It does not give an error message. But the
 >> session does not seem to be closed properly: I can't mount the DVD,
 >> which to me is a bad sign.
 JS> If you do not mention the drive type I don't know what to do.
 JS> If cdrecord does not give an error message and the kernel currectly
 JS> returns error info from the SCSI drives, there is a bug in the drive's
 JS> firmware.

There is a bit of confusion because I had to reply to Thomas' message using 
Netscape, no quotes. In my original post, which was about problems with 
growisofs, I mentioned that my DVD burner is an ASUS DRW1680P rev. 1.40. 
Thomas suggested that I try cdrecord-proDVD, but that also didn't work. The 
funny [?} thing is that the problerm does not occur with DVD+RW, only with 

 JS> Otherwise it makes sense to try to boot a SchilliX CD and to run
 JS> cdrecord-ProDVD from the live CD in order to check whether your OS is
 JS> the cause of the problem.

That's a good idea. It's downloading right now.



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