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Re: License issue?

> Looks like you did not get my point: why should there be a need
> to use a non GPL variant?

I can think of a simple reason: to grant rights which the GPL doesn't
grant, in return for some cash for further development. There probably
are other valid reasons too.

[cdrecord license:]

> As you are on this list for a long time, I would expect that you know
> that a company was named only because this company did violate the GPL.

The version of cdrecord shipped by named company was clearly marked as
modified, only you would expect a command line application to pop up a
window in everyone's face saying so. Incidentally, you're also the only
one who thinks the GPL was violated in the first place. Does that tell
you something?

And I can't help but notice that you made a special license of your own
software for someone while continuing to ask "why should there be a need
to use a non GPL variant?". Glass house, stones.


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