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Re: License issue?

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 07:43:59PM +0100, Alvaro Lopez Ortega wrote:
> ===
> Version 5.6 adds support for Solaris 2.x [commercial licensing terms
> for distribution on Solaris are to be settled with Inserve
> Technology].
> ===
>   I am wondering how is it possible to this be compatible with the GPL
>   license (which is the only license I have found on
>   dvd+rw-tools- file).

The person who writes the software holds the copyright on it.
The copyright holder may release the software to various people or
organizations under as many licenses as he likes.

So you might get it under the GPL, but Sun gets to use it under a
different license.

Nothing that Sun does with their licensed copy of the software will affect
your rights under the GPL in any way.  Likewise, none of the rights that
you received under the GPL can be applied to the version that Sun has.

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