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Re: License issue?


Andy (i guess) states on

                 Clarification Note
"Commercial licensing terms for distribution on Solaris"
means that if a 3rd party would like to include dvd+rw-tools
[or their components] as a part of commercial product for
Solaris, then they have to talk to Inserve Technology. In other
words Inserve Technology is granted exclusive right to
include dvd+rw-tools in commercially available product
for Solaris(tm). But no explicit permission/license is
required, if a commercial [or any other] party chooses to
download and deploy them internally in their Solaris
environment, e.g. for internal backup purposes.

Although it would be interesting to see the outcome of
a legal battle about a commercial GPL-conformant version
of growisofs, i think we would thank Andy badly for his work,
if we challenged his right to grant above exclusive license.

If i would feel affected by that license i'd just keep
dvd+rw-tools apart from my stuff and offer it under GPL 
for free for "internal use". Then i'd charge money for
enabling use of dvd+rw-tools via my proprietary product.
(Nobody will pay, i fear.)
This looks much like a judicial hot air balloon.
Colorful, illuminated and hollow.

If somebody  manages to get rich by my BSD licensed work,
i would appreciate a gratuity. Just for fairness. :))

Have a nice day :)


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