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Re: mkisofs aborts but exit value is 0

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> > If you are doing real reliable backups, you can't because
> > you cant't have a Filesystem snapshot that survives a reboot.
> With the agile system files in a Linux root filesystem
> one should not do that. But that are at most a few GB.

Do you mean that Linux has no working snapshot driver?

On Solaris, I have no problem to keep a snapshot for more
than a week.

> A 100+ GB disk full of digital images, CAD drawings
> and models, movies, a website plus backup archives
> of several workstations is well suited for that.
> With 2x DVD it is hard to do it within a single
> work day. Even with 4x you have to be very attentive.
> Of course, checkreading has to be done by a second
> computer meanwhile.

Why do you believe that there is a difference?

> I believe that it is necessary to separate
> the system backup from the user data backup.

User data lives in filesystems, so what do you like to say?

> I believe that your younger level does
> store the name change of the inode
> but the data of this inode are only on
> the older level backup. Moves seem to
> be known only to -restore . Up to now i
> cannot get them to show up in the traditional
> table of contents.

star (incontrary to mkisofs) is able to store meta data.
All directories in a backup contain this meta data.

Try man -s 4 star

> Used as http URL this leads me to
> "
> Welcome to http://star.berlios.de
> We are sorry but this project has not yet uploaded its personal webpage yet.
> Please check back soon for updates or visit BerliOS Developer Project Homepage. 
> "
> An attempt to use ftp://star.berlios.de was rejected.

we do not support "named" ftp servers... see developer.berlios.de


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