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Re: mkisofs aborts but exit value is 0

> Padding a shrunk file is a real bad idea.

What other options do you have? That particular file has changed, you
can't get a good backup of it now. You are in the middle of writing out
an iso9660 stream, the directory (file size + location) info has already
been written and you can't seek() back because your output is piped to
someplace, pipes are not seekable. Short of going "bugger this, I'm
going to screw up the whole total lot of the backup by exiting now",
ignoring the current file's content and filling up the space reserved
for it seems like a good option to me. A warning about this would be

Mastering an iso9660 is an atomic operation. You could copy all files
meant to go onto it to a new location first, that gives you a second
chance for files which were troublesome the first time.

Using something like tar only gives sequential access to any particular
file, ie restoring file X in a hurry is a no-no. Everyone take their
pick. The world is still waiting for a backup solution which always
works, has no problems, and suits every need.


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