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Re: audio tracks on DVD

Hanspeter Roth wrote:

> is it possible to burn audio tracks on DVD?
> If yes, how?

A DVD is not a "CD with more capacity". The underlying format does not
have a notion of "tracks". DVDs are data disks with 2048 Byte data
sectors. You will need a filesystem for any standalone player to make
sense of the disk. You have two options:

1) The non-standard way:
Just burn the tracks as appropriately named .WAV- oder .MP3-Files and
see if your DVD player understands this. A lot of them do.

2) The standard way:
Try to author the files into a valid DVD-Video or DVD-Audio structure.
You'll need some sort of pseudo-video-track if you're going the
DVD-Video way; audio-only titles are not allowed for DVD-Video. A still
frame (even a black picture) will do fine. Read the documentation of
your favorite DVD authoring tool. Any standards compliant DVD player
will play this.

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