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Re: hand-crafting TOC files

Kenneth Dombrowski <kenneth@ylayali.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to create a CD which, when played with software on my
> computer (or on CD_TEXT-aware standalone players), will contain relevant
> track info for display.  
> So far I have wasted several hours on this, and I'm not even sure I'm
> not operating under a false assumption: is this something software
> players in debian support?  (I don't actually have a standalone CD
> player, or a CD that I know of which includes CD_TEXT data) 
> I have been trying my results with half a dozen cd players from the
> sarge archive (I think by now I've installed all but the KDE ones)

Understanding the Syntax of the *.inf files from cdd2awav is really simple.


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