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Re: Linux kernel 2.6.x Raw device support

James Finnall <james@finnall.net> wrote:

> The 2.6.10 kernel sources for the raw device driver sources do not offer 
> any history within the contents.  So I do not know when the implementation 
> of the device structure itself was first started or where.  I did see a 
> statement that included the phrase "genuine UNIX" and that would imply to 
> me that this is not a Linux specific feature however.  In the 2.6 series 
> kernel it is an optional item.  I could not locate an option in the 2.4 
> series kernel to disable the feature so I assume it is mandatory, but the 
> raw.c source code is there for char device support.

Raw (character) devices have been around for disks since the beginning of
UNIX more than 30 years ago.


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