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Actual speed lower and media problems - solved by DMA on

 Hi all,

 The problems I wrote about such as "no media" as well as slow burning
speeds on LiteOn 1673S seem to have been caused by the DMA being turned
off on the drive.

 Basically, with DMA off, the burning is dog slow, and the CPU
utilization is very high. With DMA on (hdparm -d1 /dev/hdd) things work
as they should.

 Some kernels I tried did not turn on DMA on the drive during the boot
time, so that led to problems.

 Additionally, pipebuf2 program seem to have cause semi-permanent
to one of the DVD+RW disks when the burning stalled for few seconds.
When using growisofs without pipebuf2 and DMA off, the stalls seem to
cause no problems.


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