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Re: growisofs should have a method for padding


> I would have expected that what was true of CDs would be true with
> DVDs.

So let us assume for now that DVDs are still safe
in that aspect.  At least no real problems have
been reported. (Nevertheless i pad 300 kB)

> My (likely outdated) experience passing a CD-sized chunk of bytes over
> a pipe was quite unpleasant.  It mad the system's performance quite
> unpleasant.

Hm. There was another report about pipes and growisofs
mentioned by Peter Osterlund recently.

I never experienced such unpleasant effects with
vanilla SuSE 9.1. 

>From your answer to Volker:
> ... where the dd does the truncating ... busted 
> the disk cache ...

You did not use  dd bs=1 , did you ?
(Throughput on AMD 2600+: 1.6 MB/s = 1.2x DVD)

Have a nice day :)


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