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DVD burning problems on TS-H552 -> solved with firmware upgrade...

A while ago I reported problems on lkml and cdwrite about
 burning DVDs with my Samsung TS-H552 drive:


After resorting to installing Windows XP and seeing that
 I was able to successfully burn 2 DVDs with Pinnacle
 Instant CD-DVD - even reading video data from my ext3
 partitions via ext2fsd (http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net),
 I decided to see whether any firmware updates for my
 drive were available.

I'm pleased to say that after flashing the TS08 firmware
 update (from TS03), I burned a dozen DVDs, video and
 data, Memorex +R and +RW and Verbatim +Rs with a
 100% success rate and 100% md5sum correctness.
The resulting discs play perfectly in my Sony LS755P
 standalone player.

Burning CDR and CDRW still works fine as ever. This is
 my same FC3 box, K7-800/256MB RAM, bittorrenting
 away during burns under a 2.6.12-rc2 kernel.

Thanks everyone for the support and patience :)


 "Fear is a dangerous thing
  It'll turn your heart black - you can trust"

    (Bruce Springsteen, "Devils And Dust")

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