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growisofs 5.21 -use-the-force-luke=noload does not work for me

Hi Andy,

i finally noticed option  -use-the-force-luke=noload  and tried it with
older versions which ignore it silently (very good) and with 5.21 which
does not react on it either (somewhat disappointing).

I poked a few fprintf(stderr,...) into the code of 5.21 and found out :
- no_reload indeed gets set to -1 in main() .
- function media_reload() gets called twice : 
  - once with  no_reload == -1
    which does not reach the test   if (no_reload>=0)
  - and again with  no_reload == 0
    which reaches  if (no_reload>=0)  and the "Load" code :(

Burner is LG GSA-4082B , kernel Linux 2.4.21-215-athlon (SuSE 9.0), ide-scsi.
Command line :
  growisofs -use-the-force-luke -dvd-compat -use-the-force-luke=noload \
            -Z /dev/sr0=/proc/self/fd/0
Input were various ISO images. 
I am ready for your testing instructions. :)

-use-the-force-luke=notray leads to only one call of media_reload()
with no_reload == 1 and working fine.
Nevertheless i do not dare to use notray in general situations (unless
the is no danger any more with not reloading before the first read

Have a nice day :)


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