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Re: dvd burning problem, dvd+rw-tools, LG GSA-4120B

I apologize for my poor English, it might be confusing. Of course only
that particular disc has the unintentional scratch on it. As I said I
tried again with another disc (of the same brand from the same
spindle) with success. So basically the disc was borked, the write
failure most likely does not have anything to do with the drive,
firmware or the software.

Today I had a chance to try a Ritek DVD-RW 4x (RITEKW04) in a jewel
case but the maximum write speed I got was only 2x. I also have a
Ritek DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN/W11), which I have yet to try, but
dvd+rw-mediainfo indicates that the maximum possible write speed is
4x. Lastly I have a Ritek DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN/R02), but
dvd+rw-mediainfo tells me that the maximum write speed is 12x! I also
haven't tried this one yet. I have a feeling that the +R[W] media will
work better with my drive compared to the -R[W].


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