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Re: DVDs created with too large files

Michael Vishchers >
> So I think that mkisofs works with large file sizes, but Linux (i.e., 
> the iso9660 fs) has no support for them yet.

Any file that has a size near or above 2 GB must
be considered non-portable to common operating systems.
Even if you manage to read it on one computer it might
fail on others. This is not necessarily restricted to
ISO file systems but may even apply to all file systems
on a particular computer.

My own solution for that problem is to split such files
into pieces with (hopefully) self-explanatory names before
i hand them over to mkisofs (or afio). 
This is ok for mere backup purposes. If you intend to make
a DVD from where you want to use the file directly (without
any restore-to-disk procedure), then you will have to tackle
this problem on the application level. (E.g. prevent fat
files from emerging at all.)

Have a nice day :)


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