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Re: cdrtools-2.01a37 ready

On Thu 19 Aug 2004 12:03:07 NZST +1200, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> you are nothing but a moron that has no clue and that is not even willing to do 
> a comparison test with the real cdrecord because you are in fear that you might 
> see immediately where the differences are :-(

Yes, those differences (that SuSE does say clearly they've made mods)
were the point. Who's the moron here?

Obviously you're on the back foot and ran out of arguments, otherwise
you wouldn't spend a whole email on discussing a minor point (so I
didn't check my PPS carefully enough) and nothing else, instead of
sticking to the 2 points in question. And so that even you can
understand it: introducing bugs is not a violation of the GPL. It's a
right of the GPL.

I'm still waiting for your comment on your own GPL violation(s).
Silence is for the guilty.


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