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Re: mkisofs udf help!

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >From: "Jeff Lia" <jeffreyallenlia@hotmail.com>
> >>It is most unlikely that you are able to check correctness using xine 
> >>because
> >>AFAIK xine only reads the data via the filesystem interface and stand alone
> >>DVD players usually ignore the underlying filesystem and access the data
> >>directly.
> >Are you saying that a stand alone DVD player looks for the dvd files (IFO, 
> >BUP, VOB) some other way than reading the file descriptors?  If so, can you 
> >please inform me of what I do want to do to mkisofs generate a dvd-video 
> >disc playable by a set-top player?  Getting this to work is just a milestone 
> >for sudo-live dvd-video burning directly from capture.
> Just read the OSTA UDF documents.

It is not helpful to post such comments without an appropriate link.

> Jörg


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